Srđan Srdić

I spent Janury in the House. I was mostly writing. Sometimes it would happen that I didn’t leave the House for a few days. Something like this usually doesn’t happen to a man. When there’s silence in the House, one can hear a noise from the Pit. Davor says there’s a monster there, beneath. Sundays went by and it rained. I’ve never been in Helsinki, but I would say it is similar. I didn’t have to shave. I didn’t have to do anything. It usually isn’t like this. One night I was coming back from somewhere, and the House was in fog. Things vary their shape, it’s a fact. I wrote. The text was changing. Davor got worried, he thought I’d died. Iva knew I hadn’t. Iva knows everything, she is the best hostess in the whole of Mexico. I wrote a book in the House. Some say it’s good. I met some people who were good.

Things like that don’t usually happen to a man.