Zoltan Medve

You are granted a scholarship, “a one month stay on the territory of the Republic of Croatia for literary translators from the Croatian language”.

In the very heart of Istria. In Pazin. You find accommodation in the small new house for writers, two steps away from the edge of the Pazin gorge of Mathias Sandorf. A stone’s throw from the town centre, but still secluded – if you choose so.

You will be sitting in your thoughts on the balcony, watching into the darkness and enjoying it, you will be walking around the town and Istria, you will go to the seashore, frequent company or you will work. Here it is, the longed for peace and free will. You will be thinking, wandering, frequenting company – you will regret it; you will work all time – you will regret it. If you do not think, if you do not wander, if you do not frequent company, or if you do not work – you will regret it anyway.

And then the rain. On the first day, the second day, the third day. Without cessation, all the time.

Sometimes you would watch into the gorge pondering, spend some time in company, walk around the town and then one day spend five hours by the sea.

And you would work without respite.

You came back a month ago…

And you have no regrets.

No regrets at all.