Agenda 2012

The Agenda distinguishes programme priorities from sporadic events.

The priorities are:

– Fellowship including residence in The House of Writers granted by the Programme Council

– Two fellowships for participants of the International Publishers Meeting “A Journey to the Center of Europe” (30 days for each fellowship)

– Programmes performed as part of the  Month of Croatian Book

All other programmes are considered sporadic and may be held in The House only if they do not collide with priority programmes.

When authors are exchanged on reciprocity basis, the procedure should be respected as follows: an institution or organization with which The House cooperates should suggest several authors to the Programme Council which then decides which of the suggested authors should be invited.  The same procedure should be applied when the Programme Council of The House proposes national writers that would be given opportunity for residence scholarship abroad and an external institution decides who of the authors would be accepted.

Programme council has to approve every residence in The House.

The Programme Council decided on Edo Budiša Award starting this year.

The concept is as follows:

Annual fellowship for literature “Edo Budiša” is awarded by the Istrian Region in memory of

Edo Budiša (158-1984), a writer born in Rovinj, whose work left a deep impact in Istrian and Croatian literature, in particular in the form of a short story.

“Edo Budiša” Award will be given once a year to an author not older than 35 whose book of short stories was published in the countries whose languages do not need translation to Croatian  (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro) within the last one year period.

The award may be given to an author of a book of short stories translated to one of the mentioned languages from any of the central or east European languages.